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ADME-Tox assays with Biopredic International

Preci and Biopredic International announced the partnership intended to deliver high-quality hepatocytes assays to researchers.

Biopredic International has been known for significant contribution to modern ADME-Tox fields. Its products, including HepaRG, primary hepatocytes and liver microsomes are known for outsanding quality.

Preci LLC offered a capacity to scale-up our partner's effort in development of primary human hepatocytes models.

We together established a production able to deliver more then 30,000 hepatocyte assays annually.

Together, we offer high quality research assays for better world Drug Discovery, among which:

- Cryopreserved Plateable Hepatocytes

- Cryopreserved Suspension Pooled Hepatocytes

- Cryopreserved Spheroid-Qualified Hepatocytes

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