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About Us

Our team is driven by an inspiration in the primary cell-based field. We believe that more representative cell models will bring representativity to drug discovery. 

Spheroids, organoids, 2D primary cell cultures, biological scaffolds and microphisiological systems are confidently becoming the reality of an industry.

We aim to drive that industry with bringing more donor-derived materials, better in quality and cost efficiency.


Bioethical management

Preci is concerned about ethics of human biological sample acquisitions. 

We developed an internal code of conduct which strictly requires every biological material to be collected anonimously, through the network of autorized clinical sites with respect to the volonteering nature of the donation. 

Willingness to
to a study

Go/No-Go #1
Ability to acquire
fresh biospecimen

Go/No-Go #2
Ability to clearly
Represent the disease

Potential Subject

Less then 20% of clinial cases get into study

Disease is clearly


Hystology supports
the phenotypic req’s

Patient is treatment-
-resistant or naive

Contact us to audit clinical compliance yourself

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