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Advance your liver modeling

Human Hepatocytes Production

ADME-Tox on scale

Why primary human hepatocytes are considered as the gold standard for hepatic in vitro culture models?

Produced by Preci, licensed by Biopredic International

Primary human hepatocytes are the cellular model used in drug discover programs to uncover the pharmacokinetics of a lead as early as possible. Not only they bring the full DMPK drug profile, however, also show dynamic behaviour of metabolic enzymes.

Human hepatic cells may be used for
a wide experiment range as:

Primary human hepatocytes are the only faithful liver model, which is validated on is validated on:

Hepatic clearance
Metabolism by CYP and other hepatic enzymes
Compound uptake
Drug-drug Interaction
Drug Induced Liver Damage HBV assays

Transporter expression
CYP activity
Drug response
HBV uptake

Organization of efficient and ethical sample procurement guarantees and unique hepatocytes isolation approach guarantees

85%+ of post-thaw viability and high
abundance of the large plateable batches

Donor engagement reaching
200 annually

Cell yield at 20 million
cells/gram of tissue

Quality standard and assurance

Batch acceptance standards for DMPK use:
> 400 vials in a batch
> 85% viability
> HBV, HCV, HIV-free, microbiological and fungal sterility acc. to the standard-of-use

NUNC vials, suitable
for dispatch automation

Automation for vial
filling with <10% variability

Batch-to-batch variation factors and mitigation of those

Hepatocyte phenotypes

Induvidual recomendations for a batch

Metabolic parameters

CYP-based qualification

Hepatocyte plateability

Protein-based confluence assays and batch qualification

Counting errors

Independent batch release QC

Preci LLC is committed to deliver the fully ethically sourced products of human origin. Our donor involvement is compliant with modern EU requirements, Human Tissue Act UK and US regulations.

You can validate the compliance by asking on or by visiting our account.

The hepatocytes production with 30,000 vials produced annually

two-step perfusion

Organization of the sample procurement network

3 central hospitals

20+ liver surgeons
Presence of the procurement team within the OR
Bioethics audit from largest law companies

Rejected transplant specimens:
Countrywide network
Ethical and respectful material
Ex vivo perfusion

Isolation of Human Hepatocytes

Quality control

CYP activity


Genomics and Proteomics

Establishment of the facility

with 24/7 work schedule to ensure timely sample acceptance

Assays with Human Hepatocytes
Plateable Human Hepatocytes
Human Hepatocytes

Monolayer remains after

120 hours of cultivation

>75% viability upon thawing

>5 mln cells

formation of confluent monolayer within 24 hours with only
350k - 450k cells/well (24-well plate)

long-term (>120 hours) cultivation

Metabolic parameters are qualified based on literature-based average and standard population deviation.

Polymorphisms are detected by PCR

Phase II (general)

Induction-qualified batches can be released on-demand.
Every batch is supplied with batch-specific medium and plasticware.

Suspension Pooled Human Hepatocytes

Batches over 1000 vials available

>75% viability upon thawing

>5 mln cells

available in 10-donor and 20-donor pools

Pre-qualified on CYP activity

Pooled hepatocytes production conducted by licensed party Biopredic International.

Pools are male/female balanced

Perfect for hepatic clearance assays

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