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Predictive analysis of the therapeutic candidates

Enabled by:

Preci aims to bridge the gap between preclinical research and clinical trials.

We aim to make drug discovery process more efficient, bringing more representative primary cell models to drug discovery.

Predictive model design

Case Study #2: Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Model screening

Co-culture of stroma

with tumor

Assay automation and scale-up

Dense spheroid


Imaging automation

Cancer cells

16 images/well

384 wells

6144 images from
a single assay

Healthy cells

before drug

after drug

Successful decision-making platform

Oasis between safety and efficacy

Clinical Utility Analysis

Model-guided optimization

Go/No-Go decisions

Patient #1:

Male, 47 y.o. Glioma G2, Low-Grade, IDH (wt) p53+

Patient #2:

Male, 25 y.o. IDH (wt)

Patient #3:

Female, 53 y.o. Glioma G2, Low-Grade, IDH (mut) p53+

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