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Human Liver Microsomes Production

Fast track your drug testing

ADME-Tox on scale

Why human liver microsomes are considered essential for hepatic ADME studies?

Human liver microsomes are indispensable in drug discovery programs for evaluating the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of new compounds. They provide a precise representation of phase I human liver enzyme activity, which is crucial for predicting drug interactions and metabolic pathways. Human liver microsomes are fundamental for ADME research, offering reliable and reproducible data essential for high-throughput screening and drug development.

Human liver microsomes are a crucial instrument of ADME evaluation:

Drug-drug interaction assays
Toxicology assays
Microsomal clearance assays
CYP inhibition assays

Easy to employ in your high-throughput screening

Transporter expression
CYP activity
Drug response
HBV uptake

Tailor your microsome assay kits to perfection

Model-Kit-Validation as a ready-to-use product for your DMPK assays

Pre-validation of CYP content using qPCR microarrays (80 CYPs and 20 oxidases screened)


Ensured CYP diversity and batch-to-batch reproducibility

Pooling with consideration of CYP polymorphisms

Preplated to the 96-well format - one-step protocol

CV < 5%

Standard and consistent well filling

Available for the customization

Secure your long-term supply

No-Stock Production Business Model

Biopredic and Preci produce and stock single-donor batches for 3 years based on your order.

Pooling and shipping on agreed schedule

Batch qualification with <10% enzyme level divergence guaranteed


50 Single-donor batches

200 - 400 vials from a single donor booked for 3 years

Pooled microsomes

Sub-batch size - 1500 vials

Potential volume - 10,000-20,000 vials

Quality standard and assurance

Factors in batch-to-batch variation and their mitigation strategies


Individual Donor Variability

mRNA-based profiling

Subcellular Contaminants

TEM-based quality control

Liver Ischemia

Cryopreservation of the tissue 2 hours since donation

Technology instability

No execution time deviation via automation

Highly standardised temperature controls

Colloidal size variation

DLS-monitored production

Quality standard and assurance

Batch acceptance standards for DMPK use:
> Confirmed CYP content and activity
> 20 mg/mL protein content
> HBV, HCV, HIV-free

NUNC vials, suitable
for dispatch automation

Automation for vial
filling with <10% variability

Preci LLC is committed to deliver the fully ethically sourced products of human origin. Our donor involvement is compliant with modern EU requirements, Human Tissue Act UK and US regulations.

You can validate the compliance by asking on or by visiting our account.

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