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Extracellular Matrix - from EHS mouse to human tissue

For three decades already researchers globally use Matrigel and similar products as a solid support for tissues in for in vitro modeling and tissue engineering.

Current problems in supply prove additionally that those products are heavily used in modern days.

How reliable Matrigel is?

It is derived from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm mouse sarcoma via urea-based isolation procedure. While, there is similar protein content to human tissues, it is still far from being called faithful ECM model.

What Preci proposes?

ExVivoGel is a new product, derived in the form of hydrogel from human tissue. It still uses no enzyme digestions and is not modified synthetically. Consider it as a reconstituted version of human extracellular matrix.

Our batch product is isolated from soft tissue sarcoma, however, more niche ones can be made from liver fibrosis tissue and tumor metastasis. All isolation procedures can be carried out for most of the fibrotic tissues known. Thus you can design a batch for your application.

First 1L batch is produced, so contact us, if you want to test it!


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